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  Reunion 05

 Li Pei visited East Coast of US

Dear all, 

It was such an unforgettable delight and long awaited euphoria to be able to join all of you in eastern US at the weekend party taking place at Zheng Xiangye/Zhang Caihong's beautiful residence.


Needless to say, we appreciated and enjoyed every minute of it -- the gourmet food from each family, the exquisite cake dedicated to the occasion, the lively episodes of talented music and song performances, the cheerful conversations, the heartfelt laughs and, above all, the intimate recollection of happy memories of the good old days we shared together. After more than two decades since we last bid farewell at the Guangwai campus, GW77 has been cherished, as is always, deeply in our hearts. Though time has left us with a veritable treasure of age, we are still as lively and stay connected to each other as ever. The alumni group remains unsevered despite geographical distances.

During our trip, it was also exhilarating for us to meet with Zhou Xiongyao in the Bay area, Zhou Saixing in New York, Liu Heping and Sun Ming in Boston, and Liao Guohong and Yu Rong in Washington D.C. where at Liao Guohong's place we were incidentally presented a professionally designed and produced DVD, depicting the 2005 North American GW77 Reunion in Las Vegas. The spontaneous scenes and the color-faded photos accompanied in emotional music brought us back once again to the joyful younger days of a bygone era... so dearly missed!

I myself and my wife truly feel it a great pleasure to have met all of you during our trip. Thank you once again, each and every one of you, for your welcoming hospitality and warm amity.

We wish you all the best and every success in your endeavours and hope to see you again.

Li Pei 

1 August 2007, Vienna

PS. I don't have Xiao Fang(?)'s email address. Please, perhaps Lin Ge, also forward the regards and photos to her.

A suggestion came up during those days that, time and money permitting, we could try to arrange a cruise trip sometime in future (to be discussed and further explored), incl. LA and other CAL and US and CA and ... "gangs", so that more carefree time is available for the get-together.

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