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     Reunion 05



       Reunion Sep.2005 

Will You Be There?

All unexpected alumni are welcome to surprise the blast. Just show up, laugh and vanish in the Las Vegas crowd. 

Red: Missing, Blue: Notified or to be notified , Black: Coming(28)

加拿大:陈麒,陈淑萍,谢佩洪,张芸,赵光洪,欧小羽,闫庄,钟文辉,秦瑞鑫, 梁安莹,李洁梅

美国:关振玲,刘俊,邓汉槐,邓子贤,狄红,刁凤河,朱海鸣 ,周賽星, 李小刚,林国健, 詹海韵,张健青,喻汉平,于平,陶志邦,张汉义,文梦征,戴佩芬,肖达,罗建文,肖芳,邵平,马强, 冯波,张彩虹,郑翔野,刘和平,孙明,方贯红,冯永良,古劲威,贺萍,黄一河,雷世界,雷泽深,李兰,李莉,李世平,梁晓红,廖果红,林格,林杨明,罗耀明,乔欣,唐和,许步刚,余蓉,袁德新,张小西,赵幼华,周雄耀,陈效筠,张少燕, 蹇浩

其他国家: 赵钢 
Primary Hotel Information : Excalibur Map

We have blocked a limited number of rooms at the Excalibur Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas for the up-coming GW77 regional reunion. Here is the reservation phone number:

Reservations: 800-937-7777
Code: XGW77 (Must refer to the Code when making your reservation).
Reservation deadline: August 2nd, 2005
Guaranteed rate (updated on July 21, 2005):

Firday night (Sep 2) - $109/room,
Saturday night(Sep 3) - $139/room, arriving day: hotel lounge meeting. informal 
Sunday night (Sep 4) - $119/room, official reunion activity day: group photo,dim sim lunch, small group activity, formal dinner with old/new photo slide show, group singing, riddles, talent show, kararoki, etc.
Monday night (Sep 5) - $49/room (including rest of weekdays), departing day

Note: If your reservation made before at higher rate and you paid a deposit for the 1st night already, you will get a credit back to your 2nd night stay. Make sure your reservation has our group code XGW77.

You can ask for a little bit more luxurious room for extra $10 per room per night.

Should anyone have any questions regarding how to make reservations, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address if you do not wish to discuss personal matters in the chat room:

hz2072pre@sbcglobal.net (private email of Zhao Youhua)
hzhao@semtech.com (Zhao's email at work, 8 - 5 daily)

Those who have already made reservations at the Excalibur may still call the reservation hotline with the group code to link your existing reservation to the group event. The advantage is that the hotel will try to accommodate participarts in the same tower to make it more convenient for us to visit each other.

I'd appreciate a short email message once you have made your reservations at the Excalibur so that I can keep track of the roomblock that we used up.
Alumni who need to flight, please go to www.expedia.com or www.travelocity.com Flight+Hotel to find a combined rate at Excalibur Hotel. If you flight by two and share a room, you will see a good deal.

Email Us: admin@gw77.com