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       校庆40周年 (Nov 2005)
Dear GW77 North America Alumni (GW77 NAA),

Carrying all high hopes and expectations from you guys, plus the weight of the 40,000 RMB, I was a little nervous and worried, to represent you all, single-handedly. Lin Ge could not make it due to her schedule conflict in China.

But it all turned out great, I think. 

First, in the afternoon on Nov. 4th, I attended the ceremony (inside the GW office building) for the "GW All Alumni Association". In this ceremony, GW awarded all alumni who donated to the GW school. Naturally, we got one JIANGZHUANG. 

After the meeting, we were invited to a banquet where speeches and toasts were made. One particular scene was that the famous Physicist DR. Yang Zheng Ning was present with his young wife (GW alumni). Many people took pictures with them, so did I . 

That night we stayed in the hotel provided by the GW School. But I have to declare that the expenses were not part of the 40,000 RMB I was carrying (When I slept that night, I made sure the 40,000 RMB was all under my pillow). In fact, the 40,000 RMB we donated was NOT for the GW school, who gave the free hotel room. The money we donated was for the English College. So we came out on top.

The next morning, a big and formal ceremony for the 40th Anniversary was held by GW in the Great Meeting Hall, where about 2,000 people were present, with many speeches from high officials. Half way through, I left that meeting and went to the English College ceremony, which was scheduled to formally recognize the donors to the English College. We, the GW 77 NAA became the major attention because we made the largest donation to the English College. (The other people who made bigger donations were donating to the GW School, not the English College). After the English College officials made their speeches, commending the donating alumni, I was the first one to speak, representing the GW77 NAA. (My speech in Chinese will be in my next e-mail). Before my speech, I already collaborated with other GW77 alumni who came (mainly from Guangzhou and Beijing, Feng Bo from Boston and Zhou Nan from Geneva were among them). I asked them to cheer "GW77" every time I mentioned "GW77" in my speech (I did that 8 times). So my speech was kind of unusual, different from other formal speeches, yet exciting and interesting. In the middle of my speech, I mentioned that we GW77 NAA were donating the 40,000 RMB, and I pretended to look for the check in my pockets in vain. As the audience was puzzled, the huge check, designed by Feng YongLiang, appeared. Everybody clapped and cheered. Then I showed the check and the photo of our gathering in Vegas, and with pride, I announced every donor's name in our group in loud voice. 

To conclude, I even sang a song to continue to make sales for the GW77. The song was a Chinese song "That's Me " (but not me, it is the GW77er). Everybody was very happy and excited, particularly the GW77ers, and they all clapped loudly. SO did all other people. That moment, I thought about all of you, far away on the other side of the ocean. I hope you heard the clapping and the shouting, and saw the pride on the faces of the GW77ers. I wanted to say: "Comrade, the mission is accomplished" 

Right after the ceremony, I asked all the GW77ers to plant the 2 trees we donated. They are right behind the Old Grand Teaching Building (I thought that was a good location). Every GW77er was so excited in the planting. "Seven Hands and Eight Feet", we shoveled in the soil and poured in water. Photos were taken. Then we went to one of the rooms in the Teaching Building, where I played the DVD of the GW Photos on a 27 " TV set. Everyone was so thrilled to watch the DVD and asked for a copy. I had 4 left and gave one DVD to one person in each region. After that, I was now completely broke, no more RMB and no more DVD.

In the end, some of us suggested that Year 2007 be the year for GW77 Grand Reunion, as it will be the 25th anniversary of our graduation. Most people agreed.

Qiao Xin

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