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     Reunion 2010
Itinerary & Ship


       Reunion 2010

GW77 Reunion 2010:Alaska Cruise-Preparations

Dear All,
The GW77 Los Angeles Gang gathered last Saturday and had a lively discussion about the Alaska Cruise Reunion in 2010. Our host Fan Guan Hong provided delicious food and drinks, our special travel consultant Li Lan gave everyone a live demo of the various routes. After a lengthy debate, we decided on the dates and the route. Below is the proposal form the LA gang:

Event: GW77 Grand Reunion 2010 -- Alaska, USA
(Free T-shirts will be available on board the ship)
Date: Saturday June 26th, 2010 to Saturday July 3rd, 2010 (1-week)
(The dates were chosen to be right after school ends and before summer school starts).
Route: Depart at Vancouver cruising Northward and arrive at Anchorage
Price: USD $799 per person for inner cabin. Air fair to Anchorage and from Vancouver not included.
(price may vary based on availability) 


1. What do I need to do now? Start saving,  USD$200 per month recommended.
2. Who should I bring with me? Your beautiful self and whoever else you like as long as you are paying for them. Or you don't need to bring anyone. You'll have all of us.
3. Where do I find more information? Feng Yong Liang will start posting the details on our website with a registration form for you to register.
4. What if I don't know my plans yet for next summer? Don't worry, you'll have until January 2010 to register for the event. Group reservation will be made in late January.
5. Who is in the LA gang? See the photo above and make a guess. 
Please let us know what you decide. We sincerely hope you can all participate in this once-in-a-life-time event.
Li Lee (volunteered spokeswoman for the LA gang)


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